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The Touch Spa


9:00 am - 22:00 pm (Daily)

Inquiries can be made at:

Add - 1st Floor - Hanoi Morgans Hotel - 44 Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Tel: (+84-24) 3997 8899/ 3822 0888

Hotline: (+84) 93 252 3518

Fax: (+84 4) 3926 3645

In the frenetic and hectic city of Hanoi a haven of peace and quiet awaits you. As one of the first spas for foreigners, The Touch Spa treatments are tailored to meet different spa needs: foot massage, body massage, body holistic rituals and facial skin care. With The Touch Spa, you will not only find a place to give yourself a treat, but more importantly get a sense of friendly hospitable local Hanoians.

The Touch Spa will introduce you to a different side of Vietnam and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. Spacious and beautiful rooms, each one with a specific purpose, are at your disposal. We provide a wide range of massages and beauty treatments, customers have achance to indulge and sooth your mind and body in luxurious and elegant surroundings.

Take some time off and let yourself be pampered in a cosy place. Everything is in place to let your spirit, mind and body get away.
Our spa is open from 9:00am-10:00pm daily. Advanced reservation is recommended especially during weekend.

You will be given a warm welcome by our smiling and helpful staff.

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Want to set some time to give yourself a treat? Visit us from 09:00am - 10:00pm and receive a 30% discount on all services! Advanced reservation is recommended. Promotion does not apply for December special menu. Offer is valid for treatment until Jan 31st 2018.

Spa package
Traditional Vietnamese Spice - 120 minutes
베트남전통향신료 – 120분
Includes: ginger and lemongrass foot bath, rice bran scrub, aroma massage
Body Cleansing Ritual- 120 minutes
바디클레징&디톡스리츄얼– 120분
Includes:lemon&lemongrassfootbath,honeyscrub,bodymassage,aloe wrap
스킨회춘 – 150분
Includes: Floral foot bath, cucumber rub, coconut oil massage, natural facial care
The Touch & Pamper - 210 minutes
팸퍼– 210분
Includes:herbalfootbath,coffeebodyscrub,bodymassage,foot cleansingritual
Luxury Package- 270minutes
럭셔리– 270분
Includes:footbath(10min),yogurtscrub(30min),shower(5min), AromaMassage(90min),collagenfacialcare(75min),manicure,pedicure (60min) 
Foot massage
발 마사지
Foot Reflexology – 30/60 minutes
발 반사요법 – 30/60분
Includes: Foot bath, foot massage
 150,000/ 270,000đ
Foot Cleansing Ritual - 100 minutes
발 클렌징 리추얼 – 100분
Includes: Foot bath- lemongrass, foot scrub, foot massage, pedicure
Signature Foot Massage - 100 minutes
시그니처 마사지 – 100분
Includes: Foot bath, foot massage with hot stone, paraffin wrap
Body massage 
바디 마사지
Aromatherapy - 60/ 75 / 90 minutes
아로마 – 60/75/90분
Includes: body massage (light + medium) – with herbal scented oil
 330,000đ / 360,000đ / 390,000đ
Deep- Tissue Massage - 75/ 90 minutes
디프 – 티슈 마사지 - 75/ 90분
Includes: body massage (hard - very hard) – with oil
 490,000đ / 560,000đ
Head Massage - 30 minutes
머리 마사지 – 30분
Includes: head & neck massage
Back & Shoulder Massage - 45 minutes
등과 어깨 마사지 – 45분
Includes: back & shoulder massage
Hot Stone Massage - 75/ 90 minutes
핫 스톤 마사지 – 75/90분
Includes: body massage (medium - hard) - with essential oil
 390,000đ / 450,000đ
Signature Massage - 100 minutes
시그니처 마사지 – 100분
Includes: body massage with essential oil with hot stone focus on body needs
Bodyscrub & wrap
바디 스크럽 & 랩
Coffee Scrub - 30 minutes
커피 스크럽 – 30분
Includes: body scrub with coffee
Himalayan Salt Scrub - 30 minutes
히말라야 바다 소금 스크럽 – 30분
Includes: body scrub with Himalayan salt
Vitamin Booster Wrap - 60 minutes
비타민 부스터 랩: 60분
Includes: citrus relaxing massage, aloe vera wrap
Sun-soother Treatment - 60 minutes
썬- 수더 트리트먼트 – 60분
Includes: cucumber cooling rub, aloe vera wrap
Mini-facial - 30 minutes
미니 얼굴 – 30분
Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, massage, lotion application
Classic Facial - 60 minutes
클래식 얼굴 – 60분
Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, massage, facial mask, lotion application
Natural Skin Care - 60 minutes
내추럴 스킨 케어 – 60분
Includes: cleansing, exfoliation (honey lime), massage, facial mask, lotion application
Collagen Skin Care - 70 minutes
콜라겐 스킨 케어 – 70분
Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, massage, collagen facial mask, lotion application